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**DISCLAIMER** This post was edited on 05/03/2019 to include affiliate links. All opinions included in the post are my own. I only ever link to sites that I know and trust and that I feel may be useful for my readers.

I’m a crocheter living in the land of quality tea, stiff upper lips and long queues. Yes, England. Here in the UK we don’t have Hobby Lobby or Michael’s to buy our yarn from and this causes much disappointment in the online crochet community when we see all our US friends haul their amazing yarn purchases. So where are the best places on our tiny, rainy island to buy yarn? Well, crochet friends, read on and I’ll show you my Top 3 UK Yarn Retailers that will make our stateside buddies super jealous! 

Love Crochet

The online site Love Crochet and it’s sister site Love Knitting are top of my list. They have such an amazing variety of yarns, all you could ever wish for, and at good prices too. Alongside their extensive yarn supply, they also sell equipment, patterns and other crochet related goodies. If you need inspiration for your next project, you can check out their patterns and then purchase the necessary yarns, all in the same place. Handy dandy and super convenient!

I’ve ordered from them plenty of times, and usually take advantage of their free postage offer when you spend over £25. If there is one thing in life I hate, it’s paying postage! Though £25 can seem like a lot, lets be honest with ourselves here, in a veritable warehouse of yarn, is £25 even ENOUGH? My orders always come fast and arrive well packaged. They aren’t vacuum sealed which is great for the integrity of the yarn, even though it can be pretty cool to see vacuum sealed yarn, there are theories that it damages the yarn in some way. Don’t ask me if they’re true, I’m no yarn scientist. 

The Love Crochet website is beautiful and easy to navigate. Yarns are displayed in brands and once you click on a specific yarn in any colour colour, all the other colours of that yarn are right there. This is a nifty way to check which colours you’d like and if you’re ordering lots of colours of the same yarn, it’s so much easier than searching for each colour individually like some sites make you do. Sew and So I’m looking at you here. 

My final point about Love Crochet is that they have a FREE guide on their website showing you how to do all the common crochet stitches. This is so handy for beginners and experienced crocheters alike. If you see a pattern you love but it has a stitch you’re not sure of, you can check the instructions before you pop it in your cart! Companies who provide free help related to their products are always in my good books, it feels like they genuinely want you to succeed, rather than just sell you stuff.

If you want to check out Love crochet for yourself, consider using this handy link. 

Sew and So

Another online site, Sew and So is a retailer specialising in all kinds of fibre crafts. From crochet to quilting and cross stitch to latch hook, Sew and So stock it all. You can see this as a benefit or a drawback. They can’t provide the same attention to yarns and crochet as a dedicated site like Love Crochet can, but they offer other items you might be interested in. Personally I cross stitch as well as crochet so this site suits me as I can order for both my hobbies in one go. They don’t have the same yarn range as Love Crochet but offer most of the popular yarns at great prices. 

They don’t win points for their site design though! Buying yarn on Sew and So can be a tricky process. Every colour of the same yarn is listed as a separate listing, meaning when you search for Ricorumi, you get 60 results to plough through, all the same yarn, just different colours. I’d rather they listed them all under one heading and made it available to choose colours. As it stands, Sew and So is great for ordering if you know EXACTLY what you want, but not great for pondering colour choices. A search for Ricorumi Cotton DK Mint will turn up the yarn I need but having to repeat that process for every colour gets tedious. They also don’t offer free postage all the time. Boo!

It sounds like I hate Sew and So. I don’t. I love the way they post orders quickly and with great care. If an item you order is out of stock, they’ll send it to you separately free of charge when it comes in. I love the way they stock items for both my hobbies and I love their prices. Only their website lets them down, so they still feature in my Top 3.


I think everyone in the crafty world has heard of Hobbycraft and perhaps it’s our answer to something like Hobby Lobby. Personally I’ve spent hours wandering about the aisles of Hobbycraft stores and perusing their virtual shelves online. Yes this retailer is both on the web and a physical presence! I’m mainly going to talk about Hobbycraft stores here though, as I’ve already got two online shops on my list.

There is nothing quite like touching and feeling the yarn when you’re choosing supplies for a new project and that’s why I love the yarn aisles in Hobbycraft. Their range may be tiny in comparison to our online friends and their prices may be a tad higher, but there is yarn and you can TOUCH it! Ordering online is all well and good but sometimes it’s hard to tell how soft a yarn is or how hard it’s going to be to work with from a flat photo. Experiencing yarn in real life is my favourite way to buy and that’s how Hobbycraft makes the list. 

Of course Hobbycraft stock their own brands of yarn alongside the popular brands and in my post about The 4 Very Best Yarns for Amigurumi I mention a Hobbycraft exclusive yarn, the Women’s Institute Premiuim Acrylic. I still maintain that this is a great yarn and if you want to get hold of it you’re going to have to shop at Hobbycraft.

Another bonus of shopping in-store is no postage fees, yay! On their website they have a free postage deal when you spend £20. This is even easier to achieve than the Love Crochet deal and as Hobbycraft is a general crafts retailer, you’re more than likely going to see other items you like that aren’t necessarily yarn related. A top choice for an indecisive crafter like myself. 

And those were my Top 3 Best Places to Buy Yarn in the UK. I hope you’ll enjoy shopping with these retailers and make some wonderful crochet projects. Tag me in your creations on Instagram or comment below with your favourite place to buy yarn. Oh and don’t forget to pin this post for reference later!

Bye for Now, Emily. xx

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