NOT a Weekly Wednesday Update; A BIG Announcement!

Hello everyone, it’s Wednesday again and here I am doing a blog post, but this time it’s NOT a Weekly Wednesday Update! Read on for a BIG announcement that I am so so so excited to share with you all!

My First Crochet Pattern is Out in The World!

It’s true! It’s finally happened! Today I released my very first crochet pattern, designed entirely by me, into the world! You all remember this familiar face, right? It’s Poppy in her pig costume and her pattern is now available to purchase on the shop right here. You can make your very own Poppy to grace your desk or give to a loved one! And I so hope you will, heehee.

It was such a journey bringing her to life from my imagination, writing up my first ever crochet pattern, waiting patiently for the verdict of my testers and finally working out how to actually list her for sale. Now it’s all done and I couldn’t be happier. I still have some more photos to add to the listing and get her on Ravelry too but for now…

On to the next pattern! 

Did someone say unicorn?

So I did say that this wasn’t a usual Wednesday update and I hope that’s okay. I have been working really hard on getting bits and bobs done for Poppy’s release, improving my newsletter and other things that don’t make for an interesting blog post! Let me know in the comments how you feel about Poppy in Her Pig Costume and check out her listing in my shop, it’s nice to see it not completely empty!

I feel like I have really achieved something today and I’m proud of myself. 

Much love crochet friends, if you need me I’ll be celebrating with chocolates and terrible TV!

Emily. xo

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