Weekly Wednesday Update; 23rd January 2019

Hello folks, it’s Wednesday again and so I’m back with another Weekly Wednesday Update for you all. This week I have a few things to share with you all as I’ve been really busy with exciting projects! I hope you’ll be as excited by them as I am. 

First Up...Who's Bottom is This?

What a lovely rainbow curly tail that is! Any guesses as to who it belongs to?

If you read last weeks post, NOT a Weekly Wednesday Update; A BIG Announcement! then you might already have an idea as I left a cheeky hint at the end of my announcement. It couldn’t be Yasmin in her Unicorn Costume, could it? Yes, my friends it could indeed be her! This week I absolutely crocheted my fingers off to bring Yasmin to life and get her pattern ready for release. As we speak, all I have left to do is type the last couple of sewing instructions and take some nice photos of the finished Yasmin and then I’ll release her right away. She’s already being tested for me so there won’t be any delays this time! Keep your eyes peeled and follow me on Instagram @crochet_creature for more pictures very very soon! I can’t wait to get her pattern up next to Poppy’s in the shop, they’re great buddies you see.

Here’s a nifty link straight to my Instagram, handy huh?

Poppy Gets a New Hairdo

Speaking of Poppy, I made a little adjustment to her this week and edited her pattern accordingly. The more I looked at her, the more she looked, well, a bit bald! And though the pattern suggested a mouth, I had never sewn one on so her face was a bit empty. 

A couple of days ago I whipped out my needle and thread and corrected these things with some simple embroidery, and I’m so glad I did. How much cuter, does Poppy look now? Maybe you preferred her before her makeover, comment and let me know. 

Her pattern is available on my shop right here and is fully updated with the new instructions. 

Charity Crochet

This week I also embarked on a new crochet venture, unrelated to amigurumi, which shocks both me and my family. I couldn’t possibly be crocheting something with a purpose, could I?

**Side note: I learned to crochet to make amigurumi toys but also claimed I would make blankets, cardigans and other useful things. I never have.**

Well yes actually, I am crocheting a blanket, for charity nonetheless and I am loving every minute of it. It’s so easy! I had forgotten how relaxing the granny square stitch is (I had a brief misadventure with a previous granny blanket which now lays in unfinished shreds) and am loving how quickly a blanket is forming in front of my eyes. A sweet change from the endless single crochet stitches of toys! Here’s a little picture of it so far. I lied it’s quite a big picture.

The colours, are perhaps an unusual choice but to me they look like the colours of Spring and I like it a lot. I picked these colours out of a big bundle of yarn I was left when my Nanna passed away in May last year. She used to knit hats for refugee children and must have made well over 500 hats by the time she died. I felt it was only right that I use her yarn for something charitable and seeing as I can’t knit hats, I settled on a blanket. I am part of a large knitting and crochet organisation where I live and, once finished, I’ll donate this to them. They co-ordinate all of the donations from the members of the organisation across the county and distribute them to the charities who need them. I don’t know where my blanket will end up. Perhaps as a comfort item for a refugee child arriving in the UK, or maybe to keep someone suffering with cancer warm as they sit through chemotherapy, or even as a nap blanket for some pets in a sanctuary. All I can say is, this won’t be my last charity blanket, I’m sure, and I thank my Nanna for inspiring me down this path. 

That’s all for today, crochet friends, I hope you are all well. Have you ever crocheted something for charity, I’d love to hear about it!

Best Wishes, Emily.

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