Weekly Wednesday Update; 2nd January 2019

Happy New Year crochet friends! Welcome to the second instalment of my Weekly Wednesday Update here on the Crochet Creature blog. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and got to spend it in whatever way is perfect to you, be that bundled up under a blanket, partying the nights away or spending quality time with family. You may have noticed I missed last Wednesday’s update, that’s because it was Boxing Day here in the UK and we had a second Christmas with family so I was still enjoying the festivities. Read on for all the info on TWO weeks of behind the scenes Crochet Creature action!

Rainbow Yarn Chaos! And a Giant Sloth...

You ever just start working on a project and a little way in it looks like an untamed creature ran wild with your yarn? Yeah, me too. 

This (rather pleasing) pile of rainbow yarn is the beginnings of a small backpack – but you wouldn’t know it! This is what I’ve been slowly working on over the festive period and as much as it looks like a bundle of random single crochet stitches, it’s actually coming along quite well. This is a pattern I’m testing for someone at the moment so I can’t reveal what it’s going to look like just yet but I’m very excited to get it finished. 

The pattern I’m following makes a backpack for a small child, but I don’t have one of those! Luckily my family provided me with the perfect solution wrapped up under the tree.

A giant sloth named Brian! As you can see he’s not exactly small, that’s true to life size 5ft 6″ me, looking up to him. As a side note, I love sloths, this present isn’t as random as it seems. And now I have a recipient for my backpack when it’s done. I’m sure Brian will find it very useful for carrying around his leaves or other sloth essentials!

I’ll keep you updated as I progress with the backpack!

This jumbled rainbow mess is going to be a backpack for a sloth…one day.

Larger than life sloth Brian waits patiently for a rainbow backpack so he can take his packed lunch everywhere he goes.


Yawn, not many people like research, myself included, but it’s really important if we want to learn new things and improve our lot. 

I can’t pretend over the holiday season I did a lot of crochet. I was busy spending time with family and eating as much food as possible. What I did do was research. Boring to read about, I know, so I’m not going to ramble on for long. One thing I will say is this, watch out for a mailing newsletter sign up coming up in the next couple of months. Research has told me that this is really important, so I’m going to work on getting one in place so I can share all my exciting stuff with you guys through the wonder of email. My emails won’t be spammy and boring, I promise so watch this space!

I can’t wait to get my email newsletter set up and create some great content for you guys!

Really, crochet friends, that’s all I have to share today. Christmas was a busy time and I exercised a lot of self care so I haven’t pushed myself these past two weeks. 2019 is here now though and that’s 365 days of opportunity for crochet goodness so I’m going to make the most of it and bring you some fab new content, products and tips. I’m determined to make 2019 MY year and turn Crochet Creature into something amazing. 

All my best for the new year, Emily.

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